Why cut your losses and let your profits run does not work in forex?


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Forex is a different arena.

Cut Your Losses and Let Your Profits Run
has a fundamental flaw, at least in
Forex trading, in that you will get
stopped out early and simply make less

You will usually get stopped
out for one of the following:

1. Large pre-market activity for positions
held overnight

2. Large daily market gaps or

3. Large intra day movements.

This is where the Forex Trading Strategy
comes in.


The Forex Trading Strategy applies the
cutting your losses strategy but adds a
new dimension to it. Here is how it
differs, you will discover:
* How the key to maximum profits is
identifying the dominate trend at any
particular time for any market

* The Impulsive/Corrective Wave
Retracement (ICWR) theory. The ICWR
theory put simply is that the dominate
trend in the market at any time is an
Impulsive Wave whether long or short.

* A market can only do one of three
things: go up, down or sideways.
Within each Impulsive Wave there will
be a Corrective Wave retracing against
the Impulsive Wave.

Each ICWR involves:

(1) Identifying the Active Wave for the
market you are trading. There must
be a minimum pip movement for this
to apply for the purposes of the
Forex market

(2) Applying fibonacci retracements to
the Active Wave. You establish the
Retracement Channel and your entry
point i.e. going long or short is
determined by candlestick analysis.
When a particular candlestick
formation occurs beyond a particular
Confirmation Level you enter your

(3) Allowing the market to move as it
would. As the market moves you adjust
the Active Wave to the most 'active'
wave nearest the time frame. As you
adjust each Active Wave you adjust
your stop loss. When your exit point
is hit (opposite to no 2) or your
stop loss is hit, you are closed out.

Whist the Forex Trading Strategy appears
complex in that it actively uses Elliot
Wave theory, it is amazingly simple to
apply in practice. Forex Trading
Strategy gives page by page examples
applied to EUR/USD, CAD/USD, EUR/USD and
GPB/USD to show you EXACTLY how to APPLY


Here is the PROOF!!

Consider this, when the traditional
cutting your losses strategy was applied
it produced 90 pips profit. When the
Forex Trading Strategy was applied to
the same market, it produced 237 pips
profit. That was a whopping 147 pips
more. If you had staked $10 a point, that
trade alone would have produced you

Here is how you will benefit from the
Forex Trading Strategy:

1. Your positions will not get stopped
out early.

2. You will make more profits then
following the traditional "Cutting
Your Losses" theory.

3. Forex Trading Strategy is perfected
for Forex trading. You can then apply
it to other markets such as SP500,
NASDAQ and Dow Jones etc.

4. How by setting up two candlestick
charts you will be able to identify
within 2 seconds whether the Active
Wave is Bullish or Bearish.

5. It does not require complex technical
analysis. Forex Trading Strategy uses
one technical indicator and Fibonacci
Retracement analysis - the rest lies
in the application

6. Your loss will never be greater then
50 pips! - as there are two exit
points to each trade.

7. How as well as applying it to short
term trading, Forex Trading Strategy
can be applied to hour trading and
long term trading, so you only trade
once a day - ideal for those who do
not wish to give up there day job
until they become master traders.

8. You will learn how to apply basic
Elliot Wave analysis in the pattern
formed by the ICWR.

9. How if you do make a loss, it will
usually be an indication that the
Impulsive Wave (dominant market trend)
is about to change. So you will
capture the next wave right from the

Courtesy above website

Learn from the strategies mentioned above.
In forex stops are monitored and in a preplanned manner they are hit and chased. so all those stoploss order owners get a good kick.
market makers the companies do these things.

Want more info
go to moneytec forums



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thanks a lot.........I read about the fibonacci applications fior forex trading in the sure-fire book by Mark McRAY and it sure appears to be a promising way....but needs a lot of patience.

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