Why are the FIIs buying?

Are the worlds coming together? Foreign investors seem to think so. They all want a piece of the oriental pie. The sooner the better. That's why Udayan's teaching Japanese on CNBC. To add to the bonhomie, here's a poem to that tries to answer the above question:

The Ongoing Quest of East and West

if east were east n west were west
and ne'er the twain would meet
how would mankind pass this test
the two've combined to beat

how would worldly understanding
finally mature
****'s rakshasas, ruling, dominating
be eradicated from the core

how would glaring disparity
be annihilated forever
n how would trans-world charity
usher in amity, life, together

n how would the info highway
strive for a higher goal
how would occidental fair play
merge with the oriental soul

both east n west are hungry
to set differences aside
and yes, both feel more free
together with love to abide

gone are the times of longing
there's a change in their mutual stance
for dawned has the Sun of bonding
to give peace a chance
to give peace a chance​



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