who are "OPERATORS"

Dear Traderji:

I am curious to know more about the term "operators" and "operator based scrip" used in various newsletters, stockmarket publications while recommending certain scrips by analyst , newsletter publications trying to convince on their accuracy of predication saying that their recommendations are based on detailed technical analysis and day to day monitoring of operators position in individual scrips and some may even mention that it is the operators who move the market in their desired direction.

Now, I would request to know who these operators are, to what extent they influence the scrip prices in intraday, swing , position and long term trading time frames and if they do influence the market then from where does an individual track the valuable information of their activities.

I would request all our esteemed and experienced memebers to provide their valuable insight on this aspect.

Thanks in advance.

aravind gandhi
An "Operator" is a losely defined term to describe a group of individuals (mainly stock brokers) or a single high networth individual who drectly or indirectly influence stock prices.

Most analyst use this term when they are unable to pinpoint or describe the forces behind the movement of a single stock or the whole market.


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this set is more visible now a days as its easy for them 2 cast the net on gullible invstrs entering 2 make a quick killing....but getting killed !;)
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