Which SIZE monitor good for daytrading ?


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i think, too many things to monitor! imagine 6 (1 is order window I think) panels, at least 2 things to monitor in a panel may be(?), so 6x2=12 things to monitor for making a decision. Short term memory handles 4-7 items best.

But who am I to argue with you princyji, you are an extremely successful trader :thumb:
no everything is in those large 27 inches 4 monitors , why do you think i got 27 inch ??

btw..........i watch only 2 scrip at a time

either nifty or bank nifty ................options , either call or put are derivatives of its underlying , i watch 5 calls and 5 puts from current prices , total 10

but imho all 10 are only 2 in my view ..................how ?? look at their charts they are same just prices are different but charts are same

i cant handle more scrip than one , i trade only 2 , call or put , only 1 position at a time..................either call short or put short , not both at the same time
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