which share to hold long term, though my stock is in profits.

Hi all,

This is my first post in trading forum, I'm a newbe to trading. Done very little home work and been trading for a month now. My doubt is

let's say I have 100 shares , stock is in raising, is holding for long term is good idea or sell it off and make profits ?.

If I sell it off I'll loose huge profits in future isn't it ? Of course no one could tell about this exactly when a stock makes profit and loss. My doubt is this what kind of stock we should hold for long term irrespective of profit and loss currently. Plz clarify this.

Thank u very much in advance.
In my opinion, you could sell the share when the price declines sharply and then buy again when it start to rise again. but those people who cannot keep an eye on price daily, just choose the shares which are constantly rising and invest in it for long term.


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manny-manny, Entry & Exit is is a problem of all newbies. It is sector specific, stock specific and also decided by your entry price and the current trend of the stock. This portal contains a lot of hidden gems by way of teachings of the masters. One such series of lessons is Saint's thread "Teach a Man to Fish". One of our active members has taken enormous pains to compile the entire thread in the form of a PDF book and the same is available @ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B12RhuYKWeSUM2QxN3VxTmM2S2M/edit .
Please study this immensely valuable compilation and get benefited.
Hi trade and mayavi,

i was little busy with work since my last post. thanks for you suggestions and link.

I'll take a look @ them and follow .

Thank you very much for support.

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