Which Mutual Fund I choose to complete my financial goal?

You can not achieve your goals in a single fund. You have to diversify across funds and other assets.

What is your goal and how far away they are, will determine your investment choices.

How much money can you invest every month?
I can understand that you are looking for good returns from investment in mutual funds with the help of which you can meet your personal goals. Investment in mutual fund is definitely giving good returns but you should always select a mutual fund after good research and study on its past records. Once you have finalized on one company than you select the plan which matches your requirements and will help you achieve your goals. As you have asked about a name so I would suggest the same name which I trust i.e. Birla Sun Life mutual fund. I have opted for a wealth creation plan from it and it is giving me good returns. You can give this mutual company a thought.


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Better Choice will be to find a personal portfolio manager.they can tailor your portfolio to your specifications and they will be cheaper as most work on profit/loss sharing basis and not 2:20 fixed basis like mutual funds. They will work closely with you aswell unlike arrogant fund managers.

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