Which movie you watched recently?


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I have seen a movie after a long long time , as I dont like aajkal ki films. but this movie Baran , its simplicity struck me deeply. I will watch it many many times as I have bookmarked it. :))
in same boat here. I tried my hands in watching different language films, french (Emily) and spanish (pan's labyrinth) are among them.

Good thing we got in recent times is films from actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Ayushman khurana and irrfan khan..

May be this is reason old generation use to like Nasurruddin Shah / Om Puri more then Amitabh Bacchan/Jitendra sort of heros... :)


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@TraderRavi Ravi Bhai, that same movie has been dubbed in hindi n can be watched here
My personal observation is that dubbing takes some part of movie's original feeling. I noticed this as young person watching Roja movie (maniratnam) in Hindi as well as Original language Tamil (with English subtitles).
In Hindi dubb, Madhoo's character knows Hindi so could speak but in original version she speaks Tamil so Kashmir police/armed forces had to hire a translator for her.. the affords where she tries to communicate about kidnapping of her husband is lost completely when dubbed in Hindi.
I do watch a lot of holywood movies still so it was something like for example Hops and Shaw from last forsage-like series and obviously it was also latest people-x movie which I already forgot.... well, maybe phoenix and that's really it no matter what for example.


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Watched battle of jangsari... excellent movie..

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