Which movie you watched recently?

Hi guys, I just would like to say hello to the forum, I do not know in which of the topics to do this, so I will write here :) Now I finished watching the TV series "La casa de papel"
Rocket Singh was a brilliant movie from the business ethics point of view.
I recently watched the hit film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I strongly recommend this movie as we can learn various lessons from it.
I have recently watched the movie “Corporate” starring Bipasha Basu. It’s quite an old movie but I watched it recently on my friend’s recommendation. It’s really a great movie based on the business tactics followed in the corporate world.


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now i will be watching :pompus: Bombay Begums :pompus:
Five women across generations wrestle with desire, ethics, personal crises, and vulnerabilities to own their ambition, in contemporary urban India. As glass ceilings are shattered, and hearts are broken, difficult choices have to be made. And as each woman strives to find her own truth, they find in each other an unexpected understanding and the sliver of a bond.


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now i will be watching Parasite :nailbiting::DD
Watched this early last year. Its very nice, will keep you guessing throughout.

Long back in 2015 i remem New World(2013).
Another recent thriller i saw was two women communicating from two timelines. ( google it)

Select Korean films are very well executed.

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