which INTERNET connection do u use....

hi everyone,

It is true that it depends on the infrastructure and server capabilities of online brokers as to how efficient they are relative to client base they have...........but also i think what internet connection we have for example a modem of 56kbps or cbale internet or sify broadband....................also influences the speed and ability of traing and real time nature of live quotes...............

so i urger everyone to state what internet connection they use, how much it costs and what other AFFORDABLE options (for example dedicated leased lines is best but not affordable :D ) are avaialble or which we should switch........

i am in kolkata and use cable internet which takes 750rs monthly unlimited........about speed i have no idea and am unable to figure out and even the cable operator has no idea :eek: bcz i asked him once and he said he will confirm and then say...........overall i am satisfied with speed but still i would love if with extra few hundres it can be more fast..........


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For regular traders this is a relevant thing. I put the local broadband cable because the same guy's TV service was good and needless to mention, he has flattered to deceive. The crazy thing is that he too charges Rs 800 per month for 64 bandwidth speed of kbps(divide by 8 for download speed). My brother in law in Bombay tells me that for the same amount he gets 256kbps which is four times and without any hassles. This is a heck of a divergence; as it is bombay is more profitable from mkt's point of view.

For the major service providers the rates should be uniform. Yesterday I came to know that Vsnl was giving registration at Rs 500 permonth against Rs 2000 but the minimum monthly rental is Rs 800

I have heard favorable reports about Touchtel but I could never get thru to them on the phone and decided not to touch them. Like nkpanjiyar did so well with broker information everybody should share such info so we know like stocks that who is blossoming and who is plumeeting. Trading administration is as important as Trading.
Thanks sh50 for replying atleast...i thought i raised a stupid q otherwise.....i asked my cable operator today and i uncovered :D the following after trying my best to extract from him: :p

64kbps (on which i am and which is default) rs 650 + 10.2% service tax
72kbps rs 750 + 10.2% service tax
80kbps rs1050 + 10.2% service tax
128kbps rs 3000 + 10.2% service tax
256kbps rs 4900 + 10.2% service tax
512kbps rs9000 + 10.2% service tax

now obviously after hearing the last one i did not had courage to ask any further about 1mbps or 3mbps.... :mad:

also i fail to understand why cost per month is not rising proportionately with respect to increase in kbps....i mean its rising more for equal given increase in kbps....i believe it should have worked otherway round...(general logic: increase in quantity = more discount)

now like we have many online brokers and its a tough choice, can someone explain me which speed or broadband width speed space(i believe thats the technical terminology) is desirable...

i know ideal would be say 512kbps and anyone can say that blindfolded but i think a balance has to be struck between cost and speed...

so can anyone say (and i would also like creditviolet who is supposed to be i believe a computer systems expert) explain which one would enable to


also are there any other options in kolkata apart from my cable internet.............

and yes all the packages that i have mentioned above are monthly unlimited........

hope anyone throws sonmeone light on it...............

by the way has anyone ever used 1mbps to 3mbps in India at home PC.........

seems too many questions from my side.......................
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I use a 512 kbps tataindicom broadband connection prepaid plan and I pay Rs 6612.00 for 6 GB transfer for ONE YEAR.

The speed is awsome.

You can view it at http://www.tataindicombroadband.com/
I use a 512 kbps tataindicom broadband connection prepaid plan and I pay Rs 6612.00 for 6 GB transfer for ONE YEAR.
u know u r lucky :D ...i think u r from mumbai or pune as prepaid plan is only available right now in those two cities only.....NOT available in kolkata or any other city of India.... :mad:

But i was kinda wondering whether 6 GB transfer satisfies ur need for throughout the whole year....i mean i have no idea what amount of data transfer actually takes place when u say ssee a website...can u give a rough idea plzzz.....

and yes do u always have to use it from ur one particular computer or u can use this fast connection from any computer even outside mumbai from a different pc (pardon me if this a stupid q)

also the installation charges are heavy....

and we have option of router or modem...GOD knows what is the difference between the two...

for kolkata only post paid and connection is available only on monthly basis...i have no idea what plain is suitable for share trading...i mean how much monthly consumption is involved: just have a look here


unable to decide which plan i should select...give ur suggestion plz


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Well i am thankful to sh50 and tattraderfor having taken time and participating in this thread...

i wonder why other people seem so unconcerned towards this issue which is also not less important :mad:

may i take an opportunity through this post once again to appeal to all here in the forum to contribute to this thread... :)

everyone and anyone are welcome...also traderji and creditviolet....plz come forward :D



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Hi all
For trading ,speeds of 128kbps to 256kbps is more than enuff.Even dialup will suffice other than the disconnection issues.Personally a 516kbps connection with a phone dialup backup is enuff for a pro trader.

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That's a good point, credit. Normally the very word dial-up seems to imply lower speed but if a 512speed dial-up is possible at a lower rate than broadband, one can have one broadband connection and one high speed dial-up for backup incase anything goes wrong with broadband.I wrote this last night but today(26/4/2005), it has come in the papers that bandwidth rates are reduced to 70% effective from may onwards. This is great news so now one can almost have two for the price of one previously. Depending upon the efficiency of service provider, one may or may not opt.
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