Which brokers provide High Intraday Margin for Index Option Sellers?

i have account with almost every discount broker and i am index option seller.
i am trading with upstox who provides 4 X intraday margin. i have 1947 free brokerage plan so i use upstox account for scalping.
i also trade in Angel broking which now provides 10 X intraday margin so for banknifty around 7 k for nifty 8 k. and 20rs per order brokerage.
so the winner is angel if u want the best deal.
my friend in angel helped me to open account in angel within half hour also guided me throughout the whole online process and activated the above plan for me. 10 X margin & 20 rs brokerage per order. also account opening is free for limited time. if u want to open account u can message i will give u his contact information.
i am not associated with any broker also i am not sub broker. if u want u can open account by urself also.
Please PM me his number.
I could not find upstox 1947 free brokerage plan on their website, I was using SASonline for scalping.
can you help me how can i find more about their unlimited plan?
which instrument you scap btw? I scalp crudeoil

Also regarding Angel Broking, I could not find anything related to margins on their website, can you help me with the links?
first try selling with less leverage and look out for consistence profit say for 3 three months .. and scale up with leverage..

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