Which broker has the lowest margin requirement for covered calls and spreads


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If I buy 1 lot of Nifty Dec futures at 8572, and sell 1 Dec Nifty 8550 CE, risk is only on the futures.
If I hold 1 Dec 8500CE and sell 1 Dec 8600CE, the combined risk is zero, yet they ask for margin.

Even if the brokerage is higher, which broker will ask for reasonable margin for such positions?
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Astha Trade is the one and only broker with low margins, be it for spread
or for normal futures position.

It really good that now many are realising the necessity for lower margins.:thumb:


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I opened an account with Astha. Account opening was very fast. same day demat and trading. By default they put new clients on Odin at Rs.300/- pm
They take span margin for futures carry, and for straddle sellers they take margin on one side only.
Options 10/- per lot and equity on higher side at 0.1% carry, but could be worth as there also they give 3x buying power but at 18% interest after t+3.
Now left to be seen how much the margin helps my profitability. :D

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