Where Will Nifty Be in 1 month after the budget 2020 ?

Where will Nifty (Index) be 1 month after the budget 2020 announcement ?

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Hmmm. Big event and here I'm back to gauge the mood and assessment of fellow traders. My two cents : there will be some minor relief on tax side, some other minor tinkerings but the budget most likely to be infra and agriculture heavy. I'm not expecting any big bang thing. Likely to be a damb squib kind of budget, devoid of any vision...

But let's see...

Disclosure : no position in mkt except some puts for various reasons...
On the contrary i think imposing tax on selected Chinese items is good for Indian products, more job creation etc. Also buying all the unnecessary Chinese products would only help their economy, not ours. India has a stable govt and much improved bilateral relations with global community after a long time. So i think it's a good bet. Ps: I'm not politically favored, just one of the Indians who are hopeful for their people's future, like any other countries' people do.
I concur with your views. Seriously need to do some big bang things for make in India push.


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Not expecting major sell off tomorrow. If tax relief, can expect 250 to 500+ points upmove i think. Today's and prevoius day gap ups show inherent bullishness per my view.

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