where to find nse gainer and loser historical data


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To find historical data for NSE gainers and losers:

1. Check the NSE official website for dedicated sections on market statistics or historical data.
2. Explore financial news websites like Moneycontrol or Bloomberg for historical market information.
3. Utilize stock market analysis platforms such as Investing.com or TradingView for historical data.
4. Consider financial data providers like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance that may offer downloadable historical data.
5. Check with brokerage platforms, as some may provide historical market data, especially to account holders.
6. Explore the use of APIs from data providers for programmatically accessing historical market data.
7. Always comply with terms of use and licensing agreements when using historical data from any source.


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Yahoo Finance is great but you have to set up API access and know how to use statistical or data analysis libraries in Python like Pandas to calculate what you need and create visual representations using charts.
You can find historical data for NSE gainers and losers on financial websites like MoneyControl or through NSE's official website by accessing their archives or historical data sections.

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