Where can I get Real timeTechnical indicator's Data in Excel

Hello Friends
I want real time Technical Indicator's Data Like RSI Macd or Super Trend
in excel
I know how to import live data of stocks live in excel from NEST or Trader Tiger
but i need live Data of RSI or macd which we can see in chart
in short we all can see RSI in chart in real time but i want in excel
please help friends


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Just create RSI/MACD formulae in excel sheets and use the live data imported in excel to get indicator data.
It should work otherwise how can someone plot charts in excel ?
Sir i linked live data from nest terminal to excel
we need per minute data i.e 9:15, 9:16, 9:17 data in excel then only formula works
but here we can see only tick by tick data which comes from nest terminal that data not saved in excel
in short i want tick by tick RSI indicator and other technical indicators in figure not in chart
i hope you understand my problem
hmm i tried this but not succeeded , but if u r only want to plot for one or two scrips , it can be done
for multiple scrips u need to import from amibroker

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