what's dividends

a forum is a place where u learn to give and to take, to learn and to teach. the least u can do is to make an effort to do some groundwork before firing off a question.
Dividends are part of the profits earned by an organization or company. This profit is shared among all owners of its shares.
To receive dividends, you need to buy shares of the company itself. Preliminarily study the company's policy and what conditions must be met in order to receive dividends.
Yaa right, so while looking for shares of a company you must have a look at their previous dividend distributions in order to ensure that the company has a good dividend policy.
Dividends are payments made by a company to owners of the company’s stock. They can be in the form of cash, additional shares of stocks.
We can take an example of Oil India, they paid 11.32% dividend per share last year.
So, it is very important for an investor to check the company's dividend policy before investing as dividend stocks provide good capital gains.

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