What simple business can a former trader start

Not 100% for your situation and for what you ask for, but maybe some other are also facing that problem and do not know how to move on. So let's expand the view and let me say some words to that. Here some other solutions which are a bit out of the normal thoughts, but still ideas.

- Samurai Designer
- Inventor
- Adventurer (Could also be a priest by not being one)
- Secret agent
- Painter
- Exchange shop (simple and as you have been a trader and may live in a big city, why not)
- Money lender
- Writer and so on.

There are surely more such out of the box ideas and you may even have to lock at them, as maybe some of them would absolutely fit to your dream live. You did not mention what you dream of, so thought I will point on that a bit more.

If you want to open any kind of shop or business, you any way should/must check all over the place you live and the surrounding areas of that place about your idea. In that case you will see/find out if there is/are already such kind of shop/s or businesses around in the area. If so, then analyzes them to find out what they do or not do. So you can place your shop/business specific to that given situation and increase your chance to survive with it.

Example: Just going into food business when there are already many food shops and catering services in your place and near your place would be out of question. Include that mentioned tracking in your search of what you want to do next. If it shows up against your wanted shop, start to sort out for a new idea. The point mentioned from Sir Smart_trade about recession surely also makes a lot of sense to put in that thoughts. Good luck.


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I've been trading markets since March 2011 and decided to stop (my old username on Traderji was Klewtar.)

What simple business can I get into now?

Which is a better idea: Stationery shop or toy/gift shop?
My friend whatever business you do you will ask same question after 3 years.....


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Neither of them is a good idea. You select a business based on the following so that there is always good demand and never a recession .

1) Food Business : Start a catering service, or a special items like cakes,pastries,chocolates. Or serve breakfast to office goers, hospitals,school children etc

2) Health Business : Pharmacy shop, a medical tourism where a patient gets best medical help/surgery done in other countries,pathology laboratory.

3) Tourism Service : Cater to specialised segment. Like senior citizen, company executives, school children. One of my friends has started a NASA tour for school children and all parents want their kids to be future scientists and hence NASA tours have waiting lists.

4) Religion and Pilgrimage : Have a private temple, church,become a saint,baba .

The above lines are recessionproof lines and there is always demand there.

Best wishes for new business.

Follow ST suggestion #1:thumb::thumb: :thumb:
Follow ST suggestion #1:thumb::thumb: :thumb:
What does it help to follow advises from others in case the receiver is not happy with any of the mentioned ideas??

One rule in live: Never follow other advises if you not can feel that they are acceptable for you.

If the thread owner feels to follow that advise from Sir ST, that is fine. Just following it because of the status from Sir ST in the forum would be wrong.
I've been trading markets since March 2011 and decided to stop (my old username on Traderji was Klewtar.)

What simple business can I get into now?

Which is a better idea: Stationery shop or toy/gift shop?

If you want simple business like want to sit on counter . You can open a bakery, cafeteria. The main thing most people want is food and relaxation. A place to stop by and have some refreshments.

If you are ready to work harder. Then you can open a General Provision Stores.

If you want a lot of time to trade again you can go for Gift Shop.

Its upto your taste and skill levels of doing business.

I have some skills selling printer products over the phone while solving printer issues at a call center. I even had a customer asking what ISP service I can sell.

As long as set up costs are very low, I could add insurance to a list of things that I sell. I'd also stay in the financial services domain and possibly learn more about financial services which is a promising route.

Mobile recharge vendor is also cheap at INR 300 for registration.
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Can you please let me know why do you stop anyway on basically any reason anyway? We can move on here with a lot of people if needed. Can you do the same? You need to analyse the reasions why it all have stopped anyway on so many cases like yours so you will not do more mistakes.


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sirji this one is really awesome until any mishap happens...:clap::clap:
It is very appealing actually... I'd like to be a baba for traders/would be traders... :cool:

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