What is wrong with banks in India?

Few weeks back during the crisis everyone was talking about banking system in our country.Some were saying they had too many NPAs. I was all baffled with this talk as I could not understand what was wrong with our banks because of my little knowledge of finance. What is really wrong with our banks?


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I'm interested to know what an NPA is.

From my personal experience, I feel that banks are not giving enough credit to the younger generation who can really use the credit. Bank manager wants to see someone who is already successful (who doesn't need credit) or someone who is connected to something that the bank manager thinks he can trust.

Banking industry ideology is starting to seem to be too book oriented. In my business degree (early 2000s), there was a lot of theories that work in untested markets where the ideology says that mature companies such as Nokia can afford to adopt new technology at a later date but look what happens today, Nokia has to be bought up by Microsoft.

When will Microsoft be bought up by Google? It's not really directly related to banking but more related to the politics behind the academics taught to finance and business majors where existing companies and financial institutions can influence what young learners are learning in business and finance schools.
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