What is Fundamental Analysis


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Operators fundamentals, please explain.


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Earnings rates could be anything from Earnings per share of a company or Average EPS of index, Profit margin too maybe..

and earnings rate that represents the whole country..

I can give you whole lecture on that but would recommend you to go the 'The secrets of Economics Indicators' - Bernard Baumohl.

In short one must know that there is nothing like an accurate indication of economy, Even the GDP and CPI index which we listen on TV everyday are just perceptions. they are not accurate. I have read any economics (real phd not tv anchors) saying that GDP is an imaginary figure and its not possible to calculate real GDP. you might have heard some western countries are including prostitution data into their GDP.

if you have time and willing to learn go through the book I just mentioned, you'll learn alot about macro economics.

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