What I should do with Infosys?

It depends on how long you want to hold.

Over the next 1 year or so you can expect a 25% increase. At Rs 3000, the stock appears to be fully valued (considering their EPS guidance for the Year at Rs 90). Hence the short sell-off. Today's sell off followed by other tech major results like TCS, Wipro, Satyam.. might see a deeper correction for the blue-chip tech stocks. All these should only be seen as accumulating more at the lower levels.

You might be better-off if you book partial profits and plan to re-enter as the stock might correct even further from the current levels..it had shed-off 5-6% so far and has recovered. Its your call..

Actually you have 400+ infy, Its good in good scrip.
I would advise you just hold, and sell calls 3000 strike price (400 i.e 4 lots),
and keep on doing this every month till price reaches above strike price.
In this way u will be able to reduce cost of shares. and still holding with appreciation.

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