What do you think about this system charts?

Hi friends
here is a forex system.

see charts & guess what way it is having some edge.

They will never tell you this in a forex class :

Price does not move because of some magical technical indicators we use on our screen or those moving averages combination

If no orders are going to be executed, then price is not going to move.

That is the hard truth in trading.

If your analysis does not actually result in the needed order flow, in the needed transaction flow to move the market,

then the market is not going to move in your direction.
And all these orders can happen in seconds and later build up.

That is why FPP is centered on market order flow.

Bitter Truth About Forex Pips Pro Successful Trading

FPP Order Flow Trading is all about predicting the future order flow that will be generated and positioning yourself to take advantage of that order flow which will move the market instantly without hitting your stop loss most of the time..

We designed and modified some powerful mostly non repainting softwares for mt4 traders that will show us, as fast as possible and quickly alert us, when the LARGE orders capable of creating large momentum occurs in a particular pair without waiting for fundamental analysis. You know that if strong momentum and large orders are made in a particular time in a good position, it will be difficult to reverse immediately, there by giving you more pips, edge and money by trading along with top money makers at the right time, over other struggling traders that depend on lagging indicators to give them direction. These sofwares can be used on 1min - 4hour time frames. As you know, a lot of smart traders and professionals including banks, financial institutions and market makers always wait for these opportunities. This is what FPP, which had won 3 trading contests within a year is based upon.

How to read order flow with the data we get from nse india?

Perspective to look at mean reversion of price price reverts to value area from unfair high or unfair low

If market gets weaker,the unfair low area shifts downwards. Even the mean area to which reversal occurs may move lower.


Hint ==================== Bollinger Lower band holds master key for reversal upwards

see what happens by 15 30 hrs
price begins reversal near two lower bbands.
daytraders enter at 1300 hrs and price reversal up began at 1500hrs like.
daytraders get out at 1510 hrs.
those who took position long at unfair low near high order area will profit next day as time is needed for price to mve.

moral of this story
One reason those daytraders loose is" less capital and inability to hold position beyond 3-15pm".
Engineered order flow?

price moves start at 1300 hrs and end may be next day 1200 hrs.
all day traders out at 1515 hrs and only big fish remain in trade.
they take profit next day and make good money.
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Hi friends
here is a forex system.

see charts & guess what way it is having some edge.

They will never tell you this in a forex class :

How to read order flow with the data we get from nse india?
My first guess would be to deal with Bid Ask data. Yes, Orders on Bid ask can cancelled but they're indicative of what to expect.

BTW, upper red line you've drawn and labelled as Unfair price is LT's weekly high which has assumed significance in this case. LT is essentially
in a sideways trend since 2011.
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