What can be a realistic expectation of returns from Intraday trading?


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what i understood from these comments ( reply comments to the original post ) is that if we make a confused post then all wise people jump in to action and do R&D .. means a confused guy is basically keeping all clear thinking people busy .. :D:cool:
I dont see any confusion in his original post.

His capital is 30k. His broker giving him exposure of 30x , means he can buy/sell worth 9 Lakhs rs of shares ...( assume he trading in cash)

Return as per him is 20% of leveraged capital means around 18k ..

But he will keep wide SL, how is he managing it without hitting SL's and sure of 1% move in shares value etc etc is only to known to him.....
Well they will vary on the basis of trading setup, strategies, time invested on trading, etc. The returns can sometimes be consistent growing or in negative, depends on how you trade.
If you will earn at least 1-2% on an active weekday is already an excellent indicator, which will quickly bring you a full payback, you understand, the main thing here is a calm and thoughtful approach, not a rush to make a profit.
You know, it's hard to talk about specific figures, each of us has our own capital and approach, someone works during the day, someone enters the market a couple of times a week, plus a lot depends on whether you work by levels or include fundamental analysis. Print your statistics at least for a month, estimate the result, if everything is ok - fine, if something does not suit you - reconsider the size of the capital and the strategy.

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