What are your views about facebook?

Hi I'm shakti, a beginner in trading just like you.

Everyone in the world knows about facebook, we all have been using fb for a looong time and india is one of the highest traffic sources for fb.

"if you know the working of a business, or have been using it regularly, you must invest in it", this quote has been told by many advisors.

Is this the reason why fb got such a huuuge boom in the beginning? what are your honest views about fb stock?
Appreciate your response
I am new in trading..but IMO i should really not invest in FB...

yes, it is in Boom right now..
You never know..aftre 2 years..people will switch to some new social site..(like they switched from ORKUT to FACEBOOK..)

I am not putting my money on something which is kinda virtual.


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I Dont have FB account. neither stock

Its stock was to simply loot the public . which is already done. US people has been milked to the halt. the way stock has declined is proof that promoters have sold it or HNI have sold it.

people will eventually get fed up of FB. thats for sure.


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FaceBook probably going to crash to $ 9. Just my opinion. Please don't short it or anything based on what I said;)
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All who are on Facebook for sometime now and are hooked on to it like crazy should know that FB provides and excellent "Earning Opportunity" without any Investment ..... read Zero Investment !!!! Its not any MLM or Spam... the opportunity is from FB itself and any advertisers on FB... and if you make it once in a life time opportunity you will not regret it...... :D
Need more details... look for it or ask me here....!!!

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