What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

New traders often get impatient and start making emotional decisions that eventually lead to losses. These are the two biggest mistakes which, according to me, should be avoided.
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I believe the biggest mistake is following the herd mentality. If a majority of investors are investing in a particular stock, it’s not necessary that you too have to do the same. You must invest according to your financial goals and risk appetite.
Yes, you are right, herd might be wrong for long term investors. Think before investing.


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The BIGGEST mistake SOME new traders commit is :

After watching some DREAMY YT videos of 5k profits in 1 hour and reading some Easy Intraday Tricks for making 50k profits in a week ... etc ...

These new traders trade with BORROWED/ Loan Money or using emmergency money kept aside for Family !

They just neglect GRAVE-STONE DOJI in their Life Chart ! :)
I consider the lack of knowledge as one of the common mistakes that traders make. It is always beneficial if one will give time to sufficient analysis and research of the market.
I have read somewhere, "Beginners mistakes are commonly common, unknowing that it is common. Common Sense is not Common to Everyone, but Common Mistakes are common to everyone in Stock Market."
So now, talking about the mistakes, some of the most common ones are trading without a trading plan, overtrading, no risk management, going against the trend and listening to friends, relatives or youtubers.


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new traders, older traders, loss-making traders, consistently profitable traders, day traders, swing traders, and all other kinds of traders make mistakes.
the only difference is that consistently profitable traders learn to manage themselves irrespective to making mistakes. and try to make less number of "unforced errors" (it's a tennis term, wonderfully used by Gary Dayton in his book "trading mindfully" to explain the mistakes and how to manage yourself).
I have not come across any demo account among Indian Brokers? Please suggest.

Can you share some setup of indicators that worked for you - for scalping, intra-day stocks and derivatives, for short term and long term?
I am keen to learn set ups that worked. Also trying to learn how to find out target exit points. Any advise/pointers is highly appreciated.
The biggest mistake that most new traders make is lacking knowledge. Many of them don’t consider the fact that they need to learn before they start their trading. They have such high expectations from the market that they take unnecessary risks and end up making losses.

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