What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

New traders generally lose patience. When they see their trade going in the opposite direction, they generally square off or wait till extremes. The strategy should be to place a stop loss and strictly follow it.
New traders generally try to average out the price when the stock is in the down trend. And keep on increasing their losses, thinking that some miracle will happen and the market will reverse. Unless you know the technical analysis very well, do not try to time the market. Instead, place a stop loss while placing your order to buy or sell and stick to it strictly. Do not modify or delete it when the stock trend is not on your side. Hope, I have answered your query.
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Trading without proper knowledge and plan is the biggest mistake a beginner can make. Every other mistake can be corrected once you learn and gain experience. Market knowledge is a must. Also one thing I can tell you from my personal experience is that you should never go after the over hyped stocks. Only pick your stocks after proper research and keep your portfolio diversified. Good luck for your journey ahead.

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Beginners make the following mistakes while entering the market:
1.) Correct asset allocation instead of timing the market is essential, and this is what most traders forget to do. They try to time the market, and it is a very difficult task even for the experts.
2. You do not know about your goals or direction in the stock market. Because you do not know your goals, you cannot plan ahead accordingly.
3. Lack of patience: Lacking patience is one of the factors which makes most investors and traders lose in the stock market.
4. You cannot rely on emotions solely. You have to think perfectly before taking any action. Emotions can ruin the game, and therefore it is necessary to avoid their interference while investing.
5. Overdiversification is also a problem, that most investors do not understand. It makes investing suboptimal.
Most new traders lack patience and want to make quick profits as soon as they enter the market. This is a very common mistake that we see quite often. New traders should take their time to learn and trade with caution.
Underestimating the market is a big reason why most traders lose at trading. Aiming at making money is okay but that shouldn’t be the only goal. The market is so strong that it will eliminate you any time if you don’t move with it.
There are several reasons why new traders lose in the stock market. Some of the mistakes they make are as follows:
a. Not having a proper plan for trading: They want to trade just to trade. Without proper planning, new traders won’t know the direction of their trading.
b. They often think that the higher the amount, the higher the returns. But the opposite is also true, and they ignore this. A higher amount of capital means a higher chance of risk of losing capital. Therefore, choosing to trade with only that amount of money that one can afford to lose is essential.
c. They trade with guesswork, which does not work in the stock market. Guesswork and speculation mean lack of research, and lack of research means one has to lose.
d. They do not diversify their portfolio enough, which is a huge mistake. Diversifying one’s portfolio means the chances of loss get reduced. When a particular industry fails to perform well, it might cause huge losses to traders. So, it is better to diversify the stocks.
e. They fail to choose the right broker: If a trader selects a broker solely on the basis of someone’s recommendations or that a broker has lots of negative reviews, it will affect a trader’s trading.
f. Negative emotions while trading: New traders often suffer from fear, anxiety, FOMO, etc., when trading in the stock market. They do not realise that these emotions affect their trading badly.
The biggest mistake new traders make is to think that the stock market will make them rich. But that’s simply not possible. Trading can never be profitable for anyone without knowledge or expertise.
They fall prey to courses sold by self-proclaimed stock market ‘gurus’. They do not know about their traps, and once the buyers (new traders) fall prey to their courses, they realise their mistake.
Looking for someone else’s strategy is a big problem too. Instead of working on their own strategy, a trader works on finding someone else’s.
Not having a proper risk management plan is a cause of failure. Without proper risk management, it becomes difficult to control one’s losses.
Most new traders are quite eager about making money. This often keeps them from seeing the market reality and so, doesn’t let them trade well. So, work on your mindset before you take up any challenges in the live market.

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