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You posted in wrong thread, this here is only for fundamental analysis. Move your post to technical analysis forum. Btw I loved DBZ as a kid,lol.
HI guys

Can any one tracking Hind rectifiers? Would like to enter (planning to hold 1-2 years) after seen the company's fundamental. Please suggest your views?
This post names some of the websites which I find very useful in getting latest and past company performance, current performance and latest company announcements.

1.Balance sheet Comparison

The economic times used to gives data backing to 1990s.But now they seem to limit it to 5 years. But neat compilation and mostly accurate data.

2. Stock Screener

Edelweiss.You can screen stocks based on PE, Dividend Yield, Mcap and EPS.

3.Company snapshot

For a quick snapshot of what the company does.Very useful for the first look at a company you think of investing.

4. Current Performance

Again Edelweiss. Excellent website. You can find almost anything from ROE to 3year CAGR profit/Sales

5. Latest company announcements

Though this website gives almost every information the most important according to me is the insider trading details it provides on a daily basis. The site may sometimes give server error may be due to the huge traffic but the finding information part is very easy.

6. Brokerage reports

A comprehensive collection of brokerage reports. Reports from almost everyone and has almost all companies.You will most probably find atleast one report on even unheard companies.Excellent website and best of all it is free and you dont even have to register.

7. Notices related to companies

The Bse website this one I use daily. It gives information on a daily basis about which new scripts are being introduced or which stocks circuit filter is changed or when a particular Ipo is listed

8. Portfolio Keeping

Moneycontrol.Almost everyone uses it so I dont think there is much to tell about.

Google finance. Almost everyone has google account so signing in must not be a trouble. Dividend gets adjusted in the portfolio unlike moneycontrol .

I have been trying this one. Seems good.But so far no divdend adjustment like google finance.But script addition into portfolio is the easiest and most comprehensive

Economic times portfolio tracker. It has divdend adjustment facility. I stopped using it when it started giving wrong gain/loss. Dont know if it was just a glitch but I couldnt correct it no matter what.So stopped using it. But was excellent as it gave alerts on dividends and other company related news on the stocks in your portfolio.

Needless to say to maintain your portfolio you will have to register to the mentioned sites.

All websites given here are free. :)

Please feel free to add more useful websites or share your experience with the above websites.

Ranked from the most important and beneficial to the least?