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Sometimes one is too engrossed in his professional activities to remember that there are other facets to this world.

So I thought I will give one or two web site addresses that I think visiting worthwhile.

To keep it short just a oneor two line description and the main link.
If they visit they may post their comments and reviews.

To start with


This web site is a free project of putting all copyright free books on the web.It has 18,000 books available for download free of cost from well known authors.


Hello Pankaj,

I found this post really good as I came across many new websites.

There are thousands of websites on board which are highly reliable and credible.
Few of them are:
1. www.quora.com. This site will enable you encounter with hundreds of topics and the information shared on it is very intuitive.

2. www.reuters.com. Reuters provides the world with appropriate financial and business news and analysis and reports by credible researchers.

Thanks :)
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