Web-based trading service vs. Trading Terminal

Being a user of a Web-based trading service, I always felt that the speed at which web-based trading solutions serve you often fail to match the speed at which you take decisions. This seems to be true even in case of a no-so-used-to kind of trader, since most people make the trade decisions pretty impulsively and quickly, no matter right or wrong.

Once I sat with a broker who was using ODIN Client and seen the way he was playing with it, I always wanted to have that kind of terminal to work with. I tried to work with a real-time quote system (Medved Quote Tracker - free of cost) for stock monitoring in conjunction with a Web based service for placing orders, but two "different" (and unconnected) systems do not seem to be great to work with. Trader terminals, I think, would give you some kind of power combining the stock monitoring and trading into one single solution.

Is anyone at this forum using any Trading Terminal AS A HOME USER? Would you mind posting your experience and views on this. How much does it cost to you? And did you get the power you thought you would get?


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yes bhangima there is a broker who provides odin software for trading online.JV capital services provides it.you can get this from https://jvfinancial.com/index.asp here you also get the 1 month free trial of the odin software on request for demo id.I heard it is as powerfulas the odin that brokers themselves use.
please check out this and if you get the free demo id,please inform me how to get it.
I am available at [email protected]
Reva, they say they would be available for chat at messenger ID: jvcapital2003, and one has to chat with them and request them for a demo ID.
Hi all,
Had a chat today with the guy from JV capital..
They were willing to offer .3 delivery without knowing volume..
Will check out the software and let all know if worthwile..

He also sent this document...

The catch is that they are asking for either 5000 advanced payment which gets deducted as commision as u trade or pay 1000 monthly for the software..

I use TT5 from 5Paisa. It has very good speed. But the performance is inconsistant. Some times it becomes slow. It doesn't accept orders in the morning sometimes. Also it does not have after marcket order facility or closing session facility. But it has very good charting intraday capability and
the look of screen is very good ( as compared to ODIN and Keat)

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