way2wealth.com spamming me

I have been receiving calls from way2wealth.com on my mobile phone for insurance and mutual fund investing solutions. As we all know the HC has passed a judgement on spam calls! But somehow this has not stopped way2gain.com from following this order.

Anybody else getting these calls?


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Even the insurance guys call up all the time. There are Banks desperate to give loans. The credit card people also keep enahancing credit limits. This loan business is like the recent casting counch expose; instead of the guys chasing the girl, its the other way around according to many.

Can't be helped, me dear friend-the hazards of living in the 21st century

These days all kinds of spam
Are like the huge quantities of water falling on a dam
Even poor Uncle Sam
Despite legislation has not been able to sort out this Jam
Perhaps a solution will emerge when there is total bedlam


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This seems to be a bedlam of a different kind. After the post last evening, today it is front page news in the times of India of how the supreme court has put a stop to goons recevering loans forcibly by taking vehicles. Someone described the harassment in great detail at a dinner 3 weeks back.
Even here there is spam- instead of official means, people are hijacking:-

First they promise you a loan; then they make you moan
First they promise you the moon, they send the goon
This was bound to end sometime soon
If spam could similarly end, it would really be a boon

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