Watch out for Q-Flex Cables

Dear Friends,

Watch out Q-Flex Cables
This company has got more than 18 acres land very near to IT highway
(IT belt) of Chennai. These were purchased about 12 years back at very very low prices and were not revalued since then. The factory has been built on about less than 25-30% of the land and rest are unoccupied and unused. Now the prices have gone up by many times thanks to State governments initiative on building IT express highway and setting up of Indian IT bigwigs like Infosys, Polaris, Satyam, Wipro, CTS, Xansa to name a few. One ground ie here costs now 12-15 lacs. One acre if i am right is around 4 grounds.Just imagine the cost of the land value the company possses.

Now there is talk to sell about 50% of the land and use to cash to
build property in the remaining land which could sell at very high prices or give high steady rental income. Land & property are in great demand in this IT belt of Chennai and the company may make windfall gains.

Apart from this the company has steady market in cables and power cords and has export orders also. The company clients included big names like Hitachi, National, Sony in the power cord division and Emirates and Raiways in the cables division.

Watchout for more news on this company

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