My name is Anand. I just joined this forum. I wanted to find about something.
I am an invester and do trades daily. I wanted to know about some portfolio and trade management software which is first of all free and in which i can download data from a free data provider like Yahoo. I should be able to import my trade files provided by my broker in csv format, watch my stockwise ledger accounts, my stock balance etc. etc. Can anyone recommend me any software. I am also ready to pay a reasonable amount if it is commercially available. I dont want to use the softwares that brokers use in their office. :)
I installed the program but i am unable to import the transaction files. The transaction files are provided by my broker in the format which is saved by NSE CM Software a sample of which is attached . Please let me know how do i do it
You could write a simple program in Java/C which would convert it into the format that is accepted by the program.. I could help you in that effort.

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