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Hi All i need help related to Amibroker Scan. When i run the scan it calculate price from candle close price. But when i trade i buy or sell on next candle open price. Pls advice how do i achieve this in scan. Thanks for your help.
Hi Rockyrobust
thank you.

I agree with you to some extent.
Your chart seems really clear data looks good.
what is your data source please.

Let me say,we go with 50ma.
I ask you one simple question.
give me reply after some days,not urgently.

Suppose you checked your chart and checked say ,200 such observations,what will be success rate approximately?
If in 200 observations,at least 130 are success then we are ready to go with your idea.
Please dont think this as a trouble-it is just that we are generating a basis for judgement.

If statistically the 50ma holds a master key,let us go with it.
I will try it myself.

All the best
Hi rvlv ,

Basically what I was saying was that the time frame for trading for every individual trader is different as per his/her psychology and emotional makeover.

So just made a point that if someone using Pivot ,Supp & Res for a shorter time frame can also look for a medium term MA.

200 MA is off course the trend decider in most cases which I thoroughly agree with you.

The larger the time frame for trading , the more powerful are the signals. 200 MA is among that powerful signal which you are pointing. :thumb:

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