want help

I dont think its safe to go on with Virus in your trading terminal..

Better resolve the problem or else just take a back up of your important files then just format the system... All the Best !!

- Jin


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I am writing this to help you solve not only PC virus problem , but help you in keeping PC in good condition.

It is recommended to clean virus and other spyware from such a trading machine.As in the middle of a session anything can happen,like exe not running etc.

Try Installing Quickheal's Total Security 2006.
It has Email protection,Online protection,Anti-spam,Pop-up blocker,AntiMalware.
Trial version is aval on site "http://www.quickheal.com".

Update your PC with SP & updates from Microsoft sites.

Install Personal Firewall (e.g Sygate Personal Firewall).

Always defrag your harddisk as it helps quicker access and PC seems to work faster.

Use latest Internet Explorer with SP.

Use Registry cleaner utilities.

Keep free hdd space on partition having System (OS).

All the best!!!


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