Wall Street Analyser

Is there anybody who is using Wall Street Analyser [free charting software]. of late I am not able to download EOD data through yahoo. Is there any problem with Yahoo
Yup,I am using Wall Street and yes there seems to be problem with Yahoo. I am not able to update the stock quotes since 20th Oct 2004. Infact,this is the case even in Amibroker.

Can anyone give a solution to this ?



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Thanks for mentioning this software, Vinod. Now that I have it up, its much better than using the charts on Yahoo and other sites. I was able to download data till Oct 29.

-- Milind
Hi Milind,

Wall Street Analyser is good , I think. But I am not able to download data from the 20th.
How did you download the data upto 29th



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Wall Street Analyzer

Wall Street Analyzer is a free charting software that helps you manage and analyze stocks. The program includes some unique features to test your systems with a detailed HTML report of the operations and the final return, as well as an option to build custom reports and indicators. Additional features include a Portfolio manager, Quotes, internet update and more. Advanced users will like the custom scripting options, since it allows a high level of customization. The software is free, however comes with a startup nag screen, asking for voluntary registration.

To download it go to http://www.lathuy.com/
kgsirasangi said:
I am interested to get wall street analyser(free charting software).
can you pl give url for getting wall street analyser ?
Hi kgsirasangi,

Traderji has already provided the url. You may find problems in downloading data.


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Hi Vinod,

My mistake. I have the same problem with datta only till Oct 20 for Indian stocks. I wrote to Yahoo, and they say they are working on it.

-- Milind

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