Volume Profile trading Strategy


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Hi , never used volume profile in amibroker, is that nifty futures ? , first make sure , they draw volume profile based on tick by tick and not by minute candles (for more accuracy)

Next part you are telling is VAH and VAL , yes this also acts as support / resistance .But what you need is developing value area lines , so u can see what happened in past.

Also POC lines acts as support resistance , see below example in USOIL.Note this is just for scalping where you can get 10 to 20 points in crudeoil.If you want to go for long term , combine with fibonacci retracements , channels etc.

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Very nice post ! I was trying to understand how to use volume profiles for a long time!! Can you please tell me what are the scripts to add to get this in Tradingview. I added different ones and it seems things look different !
You mean indicator ? you gotta add volume profile indicator session volume and visible range. please note that its available only to pro members.
Can you provide Time and Sale for group stocks? Like Nse 500 stocks together filtering tick data based on conditional filtering?

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