Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Software

santkana said:
Dear all

If Anyone of you aware of Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Software please let me know.

Thanks and regards
3 years back in Bombay I had come across a set of day traders who used to swear by his software. Later I met some more guys who were all appreciations for his Eliot Wave analysis - though I had my own reservations (I was a big fan of Woodrow Wilson).

If you are genuinely interested you should get in touch with ICICI direct / sec guys. I believe he writes for them sometimes (I've personally never visited icici direct website).

Good Luck
viratch india's Technical Analysis Software

well i ve got no idea abt vivek patil...but thers a very good technical anlalysis software available with viratech india guys... am usin ther software metastock for past 3 years an i can assure u tht thers nothin like this which can be replicated
dear santkana,
Patil's weekly technical analysis is featured in home page.for intraday you should be a member of icici.He once participated in a seminar conducted by icici in was an excellant can look for such one. his software is called ASA. He told it will be costly one.
well well well quite a treat!!! I think this is very comprehensive information. personally I trade from icicidirect and do read his views , look at his charts and to be honest, his analysis do not fit into my scheme of things. His analysis
has been most inaccurate in the past few months and year . He has been oscillating toand fro between his running triangle and his diametric triangle!
Though this is not his fault. this is the fault of the method he follows,The neely method which is unnessessrily complecating the things. I am a firm beleiver of KISS principle(keep it simple stupid) and therefore follows standard
Elliott wave principle of RN elliott.
Having said that I think the information given above is quite comprehensive and useful and I am looking forward to subscribing to this software packege in future.
looks like traderji has edited/deleted a part of adityans messege .
therefore address/contact details of vivek patil are no more visible on the
Traderji is there any way to obtain the address so that I could get
the software?
hello all,
I fully support the KISS formula becoz this Glen Neely/Elliot Waves can be used to explain almost everything AFTER IT HAS HAPPENED. Something like " markets may go up in the supercycle but there is also a chance that it may come down in the triangle". So whichever way the market goes... it is always I told you soo
Can Anybody give me the contact details of vivek patil.
From where i can buy his technical analysis software?
What is his email - website?
Please help me....
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