Views on Geojit

I am planning to open an trading account with Geojit. I have been going through all the relevant threads that discussed about Geojit.

I have consolidated all the views posted in the other threads about Geojit. Hope it will be useful to anybody who wants to open an account with Geojit.
I also welcome the users of geojit who haven't shared their experience with Geojit yet to post their views also.

Comments from Hitesh

I m trading at geojit financial services Ltd. The following are the benefits there;

1) MTM, Exposures & other margins are maintained correctly (which help small investors to limit their losses & even traders to limit their losses via MTM.

2) Demat service and also internet DP & contract via a personal e-mail, this service is really a state of the art service.
Actually when you go for your accounting for the financial year then you don't have to rush for your contract which came to you by some snail mail.
Then another benefit is that if you sell or buy any share, it will directly be debited or credited automatically to your demat account, you don't have to rush to the broker for trading and then to Demat banker for the instructions.

The following are the negatives there;

1) Till date I am not able to match my accounts with theirs, always there is a difference of some hundred rupees, and also if I go to ask the details of the charges charged by them none of their staff knows anything regarding that.

2) Loads of paper work for opening a account or just to edit some settings of your account( ) they give you a bunch of paper and no. of signs, this becomes easy when some day this will also become digitalised. (slowly it will happen as MAPIN is coming into effect)

The above were my observations & experience with GEOJIT FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD.



Comments from Vinod

I am trading with Geojit for the past 4 years and in fact all of my family menbers are trading with them. My experience with Geojit is very good. It is professionally managed and they do not do proprietory trading, which is good.
Regarding their services, all contract notes are sent my mail by 10 p.m the same day and all other statements regularly.
Terminal services and back office services are also up to expectations.

Regarding your query on " are they worth", my reply is "they are"

Happy trading and a Prosperous NEW YEAR


Comments from prashkr
Geojit has been around for a long time and are having a very good network. I am trading with geojit and have been a member since 1997. I have no idea about India bulls. But as regards to geojit i can vouch for it.

Hi Mr.Kandhan,
From what i read about indiabulls,here geojit its really very good. They dont allow u to overtrade and also they are strict about margins. The payout is on time,no matter what happens. At present i am at Kansas,US i take positions with no hassles and they have online support when market is on.The staff is the best of all brokerages i know.

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