Views For Next Week

Nifty closed @ 2983 next resistance is 3003 and [email protected]
Nifty will gap up on Monday too,so no point of looking at it ..I have a feeling that its time to correct/profit booking around 3003/3018 levels...Lets see it is just a feeling as of now ...

REL shud rock this week !!

Fresh Calls----

Arvind Mills CMP 93..It can be bought @93 with a stop [email protected] tgt 101
The WTO etc things by Govt will help the Textile Industries to become a turn around story !!

BEL buy above 1206 future's price ..I repeat buy above 1206 FUTURE's price not SPOT price ...

ABB can be bought in Future's @2560 stop loss @ 2530 ..(For the one's who can afford to lose 6K)Risk-reward is high !

Swing Trades -:
PBA infra buy above 178 or [email protected] levels tgt 248..Positional Buy !

Everest Kanto (EKC) Buy above 400 with stop @392

Patni Computers Buy above 510 spot price...Something cooking in this counter for a Big time rise..Or [email protected] 492 with a stop @486

Edu Comp above 318 will rock !!! So Buy it if it goes above 318 ..

Magma Leasing buy above 125 stop loss 121

Provogue !!!!! CMP 264 buy stop loss 252 or swing trade buy above 272..RJ has taken a stake there..So the Big man is there now to rock this counter..Now no more drugs,cracks thingy there So why dont u guys join him ??

Mc Dowell
Mc Dowell
Mc Dowell
and more Mc Dowell !!!

Parties without Mc Dowell's are boring !!

Mc Dowell CMP 541 Buy Stop 529 ..Two things can heppen in Mc Dowell ..One is that it will rise upto 564 and will reverse and come down from there Or it will break and go above 564 ...Above 564 it will rise Non-Stop upto 690 levels ..So Best Pick/play I can suggest is Mc Dowell !! It roars 20-30 rs either side ..So watch it and ride it ..

Guys Levels/Stops are given,so ACT according to it ONLY ..Dont buy below stops,dont buy 10 rs up any stock..Dont buy below the price given to Buy ! Buy above the given levels only as mentioned ..Dont Chase..Dont do any mistake !!!



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nn0023 said:
Guys Levels/Stops are given,so ACT according to it ONLY ..Dont buy below stops,dont buy 10 rs up any stock..Dont buy below the price given to Buy ! Buy above the given levels only as mentioned ..Dont Chase..Dont do any mistake !!!

hi nn0023

Nice calls,
Gud to see u giving specifics of technicals on ur calls and gud disclaimer:D

BOL with ur positions( on the calls..ofcourse;) )

Provouge : Opened At 262 , Low-256. Interested Persons May Have Entered About ~ 260 Region.

My Entry At 261.

If Entered At 264 As Per My Thread Then It Is 10/= Up In Single Day.

For Other Calls Pl. Keep Watch.

Thanks & Regards
Hi nn0023

How u r able to judge which share is going to rise or dip. Any mantras or totally based on the data and the market.

Can u help me out on the transfer of knowledge.

Pba Infra cannot cross 178 can book profits & can again re-enter in next countdown.
N.B.- If it can cross then pl. hold.

PROVOGUE - let us see what RJ is doing with this counter.
Hi All,

Last week market behaved quite as per as my expectations..First was said to exit all @ 3058 levels.. (corrections expected ?) from there Nifty tanked upto 2956 levels..Then said if 2960 holds then get ready for a Pre-Budget rally..and here we are now @ 3050 again and Nifty made high of 3078..So pre-budget rally was there..

Now the markets this week..The long awaited Budget week !!

As far as my knowledge and sources are concerned..The Budget will be 100% good and it will bring Euphoria in the markets..But but but the euphoria will be temporary and wont last too long..A correction is assumed and it will come..The market will rise more on the back of short coverings more then Fresh Positions..9th March is the day to watch,market may correct from there..

So best thing one shud do is that,rather then buying/adding more scrips..come out of the ones u holding..Investors shud shud shud book profits in this post budget rally..

Every1 is expecting a FALL in markets after Budget..and this will trigger the BUY BUTTONS of the BIG BOYS(temporary)..

Nifty level to be watch is a close above 3065..And a move above 3085 will indicate that new highs are in the corner...And Nifty damn damn damn support is @ 3035 a break of that will indicate and trigger intermediate sell mode/correction..

We will continue to Hold GE Shipping and RPG as well..Something Big is surely going to happen in GE I think..

Buy Bartronics Cmp 106 stop loss 102

Buy Kernex Micro Systems above 282 ( good company )

One Can take a try in Hind Motors above 37 target 42-44 stop 35.50

Do intraday in Ind Hotel cmp 1233..Buy @ 1233 target 1270

Dont have much calls this week as a big event is there..So volatility will be at its best ! So trade in small quantity and trade safe ..

Good Luck and
" Dont EVER trade without STOP LOSS "


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