Viewing multiple stocks in single chart

Hi all ;),

I m comparatively new 2 this nice forum n trading, n have some queries related to charting the stocks.

> I have MetaStock Pro(eSignal) v11 n Amibroker v5.2(with around 7 AFLs). I m technically strong in pc software but dont know much about MS n AB n so currently studying it.

Due 2 major activity in technical side, i cant spare much time 4 trading n learning it n thats why i m a bit slow in this. n...obviously i have a few queries.

1) i want to observe some stocks(along with Sensex trend), say around 10 in one chart window. how can i do this with MS, AB or anything else(only free, i dont want 2 buy nething more)

2) can i share data between MS n AB?
3) how does the tech analysis help when stocks r traded with sentiments of traders?...(sorry but i have 2 ask)


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