I am not really an intraday trader. I am an options seller. However, I am running a three months challenge in my Youtube channel where I will paper trader every day for the next three months with a virtual capital of two lakhs. I am posting my trades here in addition to my Youtube channel to be more accountable.

About the intraday strategy - It's a semi-automated price-action based mechanical strategy. I will select a maximum of four stocks each day. I will see the primary and secondary trend for stock selection. I don't use any indicators. There are no human emotions involved in script selection, entry, and exit. Everything is based on some pre-set rules (closing & opening price to be precise). Hence the paper trades will very closely replicate any real trading.

In addition to intraday trading, I will also have a positional trading diary. Since the positional trades are updated just once weekly, I will focus on journaling mainly on the intraday stocks hereafter.

Disclaimer - I am not a SEBI registered advisor. This whole initiative is for educational purposes only and hence, I do not recommend anyone to use their real money to follow my system. Please talk to your financial advisor before investing or trading your hard-earned money.

Brokerage, slippages and taxes have not been accounted for in the calculations below.
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