Veluri Strategy intraday nifty fifty

Could someone please share the proper link....I tried all but it seems not working. OR request you to send me at dinesh_251 on rediffmail please.
This is an excel sheet to calculate intraday Buy & sell levels for Nifty fifty stocks based on veluri strategy. Pls Download Excel Sheet & go thru it. Refer my first previous posts in this thread also.
Thanks for the link provided by you.
On updating it is working fine.
But I noticed that the values in columns S & T are not changing on update. Please tell me how to proceed.
Hi all,

With due respect and lots of thanks to Velluri Sir & Sprintravi75 for giving such a nice and easy strategy. I have Modified the Excel sheet provided by sprintravi75 incorporating Nifty sparklines & index data from NSE website. You can Paper trade first & use it for excellent intraday trading. Pls Reply with your comments & sujestions

Please share the excel sheet with other members of this forum

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