vanakkam with satsriakaal

Hi All,

Bawa here,I have followed the forum as an outsider for learning a bit.Now joined the forum to learn and share.

There is no other discussion forum, like this, I have observed.Thanks to all those who maintains & makes it a success.

1) Your trading/investing experience.none - 1year

2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets.
(approx 1 years I was in market, with no knowledge of my own).Earned a bit, lost bit more.

3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.
Need to learn those,as my assumptions of stock market was only equities.learned a little about forex.

4) How do you make your trading decisions.
Till now,my broker guides(on charge).now want to spent time to learn.

5) How you discovered this forum.
I am avid surfer & searcher.

6) ETC, etc.
I want to prove myself that,I am not so dumb to learn the trades of the market.

Enjoy the Moment
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