Value investing ----good bad and the ugly of it.

Wsup guys

I tried looking around in the forum didnt find much or current on value investing as a beginner i wud like to know what ppl here on the forum think about it.

i feel at the moment that wud be a correct step for a beginner as me since i can take a bit of time etc before jumping into to serious day trading world. inshort any tips of trade wud be welcome.

Thankx guys


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Hi John !!!

Trading or investment…well. !!! this is unending debate ,but pro’s in trading are often found ridiculing investment and pro investor ridiculing trader…but fact is both will win,trading needs lot of knowledge and its takes years to horn the skill,same as investment…we can find big names in both the segments (trading and investment)

Trading is classified in to intra/swing…investment is classified into value investment (finding multi baggers) and growth investment (creation of wealth),most difficult is value investment , i have identified scrips like ,sundaram fastener ,impal,escorts ...which are in 2012 entry,which are most successful ones..still holding impal....DLF,Hanung ,EIH hotels does worked booked loss, holding cycle is more then 5 to 8 years..with strike rate near to 20 % ,my improvement in index trading made me to stick towards trading,being a FTT.

Growth investment , involves catching high CAGR companies at the movement just 25 are there to qualify that...which involves buying them in correction and booking them in rally...obviously we need a system for that too..

value investment needs lot of knowledge on finacial statements and should understand accounting standards to its core and also the business and management psy..which is difficult..needs lot of research

Yes there is no dedicated thread for investment,please find Posts of ST in this regard (wealth building)
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Glad to hear from you Xray27.

Wud like to know what thoughts, do more seasoned veterans have on future performance of the company:-

1. Castrol India
2. HEG
3. Graphite India
4. Excel Industry
5. Cigniti Tech

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