Value 4 money

Hi all,

I have been trading online with canara bank securities and find their brokerage competitive. They have 3 platforms of which they are offering 2 trading platforms to all. They have a canroyal platform which they are offering to good traders only. 3 months back, i was offered the canroyal platform for free. canroyal is simply superb platform, very fast, multiple market watch and has got intraday candlestick charting including for options.

The service appears to be satisfactory. brokerage is competitive. they have some 5-6 brokerage options.

The interesting part is options, where they charge Rs.50/- per lot on one leg if squared off on the same day. if the option is carried forward then you need to pay Rs.50/- on both sides. They also have a separate brokerage for active option traders with Rs.10/- per lot, of course, with some conditions. But, since i am not a vivid option trader, i have not bothered to go through the scheme.

They have put their brokerage on their website - products and service - brokerage & inc

All together, it appears to be a value 4 money proposition.

I think it is worth for those looking for better alternative brokerage and trading platforms to consider online trading a/c with canara bank securities.

Members, please comment.

hey buddy,
how to apply for canroyal ? :)
how to get it free ? is there any advantages in squareoff time for intraday ?
am into normal canloyal and the sqaure off time here is 3:00, which is causing huge loss for me...bcz once it hits 3:31...all my expectations come true with the market but am already squared off. any clue abt this ?
am into canmoney for almost 2 to get royal upgrade for free ?
do reply if there are chances for me to get it....thank you

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