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@RKSV any news on portrait full screen charts on your mobile app, as you have in landscape mode.
How difficult is that.

You need to understand that in portrait mode, one gets more screen space for clear indicator readability.
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Hi Friends,

Need some info about Upstox OCO order.

Can I place absolute number as Target? I mean, assume that crude oil futures are trading at 4450. I want to buy 3 lots at 4455 and exit at 4485 while keeping SL at 4445. Now how I place this Target order? Can I place traget at 4485 or I have to give the difference as 30? Problem with giving difference is that, out of my 3 lots, 1 may trade at 4455 and other two at 4456. In that case, there will be two target orders or only one?

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