Updated topics for mba project work in MBA finance

Updated topics for mba project work in MBA finance

  1. A project report on stock market technical analysis on selected stock.
  2. A report on comparison on selected investment opportunities.
  3. A project report on working of Electronic stock exchanges in India.
  4. Equity analysis of selected stocks by using of MACD.
  5. A Report on arbitrage opportunities in NSE and BSE.
  6. A analysis Risk and returns of selected mutual funds.
  7. A project report on systematic investment plan in selected mutual funds.
  8. A project report on investment in mutual funds investment strategies.
  9. Various factor effecting in Indian economical behavior.
  10. A Report on forecasting of security price using Relative strength Index.
  11. A project report on comparison of SIP, STP and SWP in Mutual funds.
  12. An analysis on hedging strategies by using the index with single stocks.
  13. Project report on equity analysis on macro economic factors on selected security.
  14. A project report on find out hedging strategies by using beta value of security.
  15. Project report on impact microeconomic factors in selected securities.
  16. A report on correlation of Indian markets with dollar price.
  17. A project report on NIFTY hedging opportunities.
  18. A project report on Indian indices reruns.
  19. Economic analysis on Indian imports and exports.
  20. A project report on banking sectors stock by using of technical analysis.
  21. A report on comparison in debt products and equity products.
  22. A project Report on Returns on bond yield for selected security.
  23. Comparison between the two insurance companies.
  24. a complete report on interest rates analysis.
  25. Risk management in foreign exchange operations.
  26. Report on advance financial statement analysis.
  27. A project on monetary policy from RBI.