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Do you trade intraday for a living?

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America went into dolddrums when Twin Towers were smashed by Alquida.
Govt desperately took the help of Hollywood to look into possible cinematic devastating scenerious. Hollywood enthusiastically spring up with many possible variations. Letting the imagination run without boundaries sometimes results in curious outcomes.

Likewise, SCF's keeping of strategy as a secret springing up lot of imagination over here. It looks good and interesting.

Keep going friends.
Re: tradingbars.afl

You have given the system rules, but what is the trailing stop loss? ,if any.

Which software you have used for tradingbars.afl, name the software mentioned in screenshot, plz.

Can this system be applied to EOD bars also? further any such more strategy that brokers use?


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Brokers usually trade bars... and they close their position with 1 or max 3 bars in their direction. As a matter of fact they play in bulk.. like buy 5,00,000 Suzlon at 70.10 and next bar did 70.25 so they will close their position... that give them a profit of 75,000

Brokers have strict restrictions that they cannot keep their position open for a longer period and they need to close the position even if at same cost. Since they do not have any brokerage to pay they do not mind closing the position at cost.

I used AmiBroker for the backtesting... I am refining the system and lets see how well it can perform. It seem to be in working order even in 1,2,5,15,60 min as well daily, weekly & monthly charts but the problem is the longer the period the more risk you have for a BIGGER SL.

There is no trailing SL with this system, you follow the trend and keep track of 3rd last bar.. if the current bar opened below the close of 3rd last bar you go short otherwise go reverse.. you always have 1 position open and keep booking profit/loss as you switch your trade.



loss of rs.5,735/-


profit of rs.7,217/-


profit of rs.13,500/-


profit of rs.1800/-


profit of rs.1800/-

ok friends. Time is fast approaching to reveal my strategy. I am making final touch ups. Its a matter of time nd wait.
Here is what usually brokers do...

A quick backtest on Unitech

Setup details

Initial capital : 5000/-
Positions: Long & Short
Interval: 2min
Winners: 331 , Losers: 101
Profit: 230%
Duration: 10 trading sessions

The idea is very simple, just look at past 3 bars and continue your position unless you hit a SL

Following is the AFL for this system

Buy = Close > Ref( Close , -3 );
Sell = Close < Ref( Close , -3 );
Short = Close < Ref( Close , -3 );
Cover = Close > Ref( Close , -3 );
it is showing negative returns for nifty futures...in all time frames...


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