Understanding SIP Calculation and Expense ratio

Hello everyone,
I have came up with this fund as in image and was trying to figure out to calculate SIP returns, deducting the ,expense ratio, so i used =FV(11.12%/12,60,-10000,0) in excel for the term of 5 years (60 months) and investing 10,000 per month and get the answer as 7,97,724.93. Considering expense ratio as 1.32%, the total investment amount of 5 years would be (=10000 x 12 x 5) =6,00,000 hence the total deduction as per expense ratio would be (=6,00,000 x 1.32/100 = 7920). Hence the SIP return would be = 7,97,724.93 - 7920 = 789804.93 which is not equal to the SIP return shown in image. I would like to find my mistake or reason behind this.
Thanks in advance.

mutual fund.png

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