Unconventional treatment for Physiotherapy problems


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Thanks to traderji to open this sub forum. It is only in the fitness of things that in a forum of shares we shall be able to exchange views on things that we really need to share:-

Unconventional treatment for Physiotherapy problems


A couple of years ago, I suffered from a slip disc. All the three doctors I went to advised surgery. One of them played Tennis with me and even before he could decide what to do, immediately asked me whether I had obtained a medical insurance or not. Somebody advised a place near Sona near Delhi where somebody called Bhagatji is famous for curing such problems. Though skeptical initially, problems of the spine being dicey, I decided to go along. From the very first day , I was surprised to see a reasonably big crowd sitting in the courtyard. Next day early morning, I was surprised to see a range of swanky cars outside his courtyard. Then somebody told me that though he was some kind of industrialist, he did this as some kind of Seva. For the next 25-30 sittings that I had with him, I could also see that the claim of 500 people coming to him every Sunday was totally true. His method of treatment was unconventional and could be a kind of accupressure . He used to press a spot at the back and at the ankles. He would tell me to increase pain, bend forward , not to wear the special belt provided by the doctors, drive as much as possible against the advice of the doctors and so on. Like Dhirubhai Ambanis unconventional strategies(Unlike doctors, he will tell you to increase pain, bend , sleep on a soft bed, not wear belt etc. ) it worked and the excruciating pain at the back when I used to get up disappeared and now I am not able to do yoga as I used to. I cant vouch that this will work with everyone.I also saw several semi paralytics and other extreme patients there and could see people coming from different parts of India and staying in Dharmashalas. I also heard somebody having come from Canada. He was even gifted a car by somebody who had a chronic problem. One patient even dragged me in the thick of Delhi winter to nearby springs to enhance the effect of Gurujis treatment.and told me that he had paid Rs 40,000 to a very well known hospital over a period of 3 months and here he got cured in a week. I am not saying the conventional methods are bad or uneffective but this is an alternative worth knowing.

The thing to notice is that Guruji did not charge anything at all for his troubles and he would wake up at 4 o clock and do seva sometimes right since 12. He used to travel to Punjab for three days a week but continue with the rigorous schedule. The only drawback about him is that he does not use modern technology like telephones for appointments which unnecessarily causes distress to patients. This treatment is totally free of cost though one can donate what one wants voluntarily. He applies Shirdi Sai Babas vibhuti on the back and ankles as he presses them.

It would not be out of place to mention that my nephew who has also been advised strong measures( Since he is very young, option of Surgery was not considered) is arriving from Bombay tomorrow to avail of this treatment.
Just a few days ago, I was told that I am suffering from slip disk.

I am from MUmbai but do not mind visiting Delhi if Guruji's treatment is so effective. KIndly let me know his address. You may mail me at [email protected]

Hello Everyone

I am happy to write this blog and make it alive after so long. Yes, I have been in a lot of stress/ pain for last 3-4 months until I met bhagat ji at Sohna prem kutir ashram. I read this blog before going there and thank God , I did it!

Slip disc was/is my problem and I have given it all for last 3-4 months. physiotherapy, Ayurvedic , pain killers and what not but the problem could not go. I have had some 10-11 sittings with Bhagat ji so far and I can feel immense relieve from pain today. This unconventional/Faith driven Acupressure treatment worked for me. Anyone who is reading this forum , be it sophisticated intellectuals , modern thinkers or Medical Technical gurus , I must say that this place is blessed to heal sufferers . He would tell you to do all work that initiates pain. Bend! Bend! Bend! was all I heard there . And surprisingly , I started bending from the first sitting and one day the pain started to go away. I feel that I will be better in few more sittings for sure.

Please visit that place if you have so much to suffer and find no solace from anywhere. Surgeries are not advisable , not because you are not TATA BIRLA to not afford it , but simply because its not safe. They tell you to have 6 sittings for relief , but if you require more ( as per your health/pain) please do so.

Its absolutely Free! Yes , its all Seva , Blessings should not be bought or sold. On an average day, there are around 400 people that Bhagat ji will see. he wont ask you for your XRAY/MRI. but just heal you with his touch/technique. May God bless all.

Just copying a link form youtube for your referral guys :

How do you really go without that ? I would do some surgery with me in the last time here for all. I do not realise how many doctors advise to do some surgery when iit really doesn't needed at all. I do realise I got many things in past with my health which is not needed at all.

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