Unauthorised / illegal Trading and Forgery by Angel Broking

I have trading account with Angel Broking, Cunningham Road branch, Bangalore. My Client ID is S116575. The office staff of Angel Broking executed several trade transactions without my consent and made a huge loss. They have also forged my signatures. I reported this matter to their Mumbai head office. They just closed the complaint without addressing the problem. I complained to NSE and SEBI also to provide the proof of placement of orders. But till date, neither of them have addressed the problem. I filed a case in Consumer Forum, Bangalore. I have also filed a Police complaint for the forgery done by them. In Consumer court, everytime they were trying to refer the case to Arbitration. It is good that the case is being upheld by the Consumer Court. Because of Consumer Court and Police complaints, Angel Broking has offered me the settlement of Rs. 4.5 lakhs. But the actual loss is huge, I have responded back with appropriate compensation. ​

Whoever has suffered a loss due to the illegal activities of Angel Broking, they can file complaint in Consumer Court. In most of the cases, the matter was being rejected mentioning that the case does not fall under Consumer forum. There are several cases including mine, where the case is dealt by Consumer Court and it is not rejected or forwarded to NSE Arbitration. For more information, I am reachable on mobile 8050061259 at Bangalore. ​

Following is the list of Office staff of Angel Broking, who is involved in illegal trading and forgery.

​1) Sreenivasa Reddy, Operations Manager, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
​2) Venkat, Karnataka Region head, Cunningham Road, Bangalore​
3) Jicky Thomas, Vertical head, Cunnigham Road, Bangalore
​4) Raghavendra, Trader, Dismissed by Angel Broking for illegal trading
​5) Mahantesh M Menisinkai, Branch Manager, Dismissed by Angel Broking for illegal trading​
6) Hemangi Date, Mumbai branch.