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Hi Ladies and Gents,

I am an active trader in the UK/US and European derivatives market. I am looking to invest heavily in the indian markets and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice with respect to how I go about doing so.

Things like setting up a trading account, an account to fund the trading account, best internet trading software etc.

A little info about how the indian derivatives markets operate would also be helpful. Thank you.

P.S. I am particularly interested in the NSE futures and options markets.


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You can set up an online trading account with

Being a non-resident Indian you can read more about this at

Most brokers in India do not provide funding of your account. However if you have a portfolio of Indian stocks one could pledge it to a bank and get a loan upto 50% of the value of that portfolio.

You could get more info on the Indian stock and stock index derivatives at

We may have some Indians living in the US or UK active in this forum who may be able to help you more in this regard.
There is no dearth of options for trading and support for trading
portal, broking and funding. A careful selection depend upon
several factors like amount to be invested, presence of bank /
broking / trading agency nearest you. Like Citibank and HSBC Bank
have PMS facilities. You can link your account with CITIBank
account with portals loke Baring bank has an arm
in shape of ING Vysya Bank in India.....

R K agarwal
[email protected]


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This is chandra sekaran from TamilNadu,India.Being an active trader of
NSE, especially in Futures segment.I can help you in this regard, for identifying the best broker, opening of accounts and assisting in operation of
internet trading account, etc. mail me to [email protected]

chandra sekaran
buddy494 said:
hi, are u of indian origin trading in uk? it is not meant to be a personal q, it just makes things easier. bud
I think he means to ask if you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) , beacuse then u CAN trade on the Indian Markets.

Conversely, if have a foreign passport (regardless of country of origin), you may require some approvals from our Regulatory authorities to allow you to trade here.

Am I correct? .... Traderji /others


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